Recently, many people have re-evaluated their professional aspirations, particularly after finding that their industry may be automated in the future. Numerous people are concerned that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may eliminate their work options for several decades. Following all of this, the term “Will artificial intelligence kill my job?” became quite common. We should, however, look into it a bit more.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is akin to the expansion of the internet. Does this affect the job situation, either by decreasing or eliminating it? According to the McKinsey Global Institute, every job lost due to the internet has resulted in 2.4 new positions. Artificial intelligence is positioned to deliver even more significant development worldwide with this technology. 

10 reasons why AI will create more jobs than it takes

Hybrid organisations will be the dominant force in the future. When people and artificial intelligence (AI) collaborate appropriately, superior business results may be obtained. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can perform tasks requiring precision, speed, scalability, computation, and other numerical abilities. For a person, their strengths include things like invention, leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, empathy, and judgement, among other things.

Automation and technology may help businesses enhance employee remuneration, productivity, and efficiency while also accessing more sophisticated technical capabilities. They will be able to boost their wages due to their accomplishment. Businesses with sufficient financial resources can expand their operations internationally, resulting in multinational corporations (MNCs).

AI's Role in Marketing and Sales

AI may support marketing and sales by developing large-scale sales forces. AI can be utilised to make analytics actionable by generating a personalised and scalable message. With AI insights, deals and marketing staff may personalise and scale communications. Recruitment with AI is also being used to find the ideal sales teams for businesses.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are already being utilised in various industries to assist with everything from customer service to automation, amongst other things. When artificial intelligence is adopted throughout all sectors and industries, the demand for AI maintenance personnel will skyrocket substantially. Companies would require AI experts and developers to diagnose and repair the system when it malfunctioned to ensure that it works correctly.

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Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are attracting the attention of companies worldwide. With AI, robots can see, hear, and calculate accordingly. Robots learn to complete tasks through computer programming and AI through machine learning. We currently have stationary robots, nonhumanoid bots, and fully automated aerial drones. All of these require skilled specialists in robotics maintenance.

Accenture and PwC’s study predicted that the healthcare industry would be one of the most benefited by AI has been released. According to them, there may be a rise of 993,000 jobs available due to AI. AI can be used for screening, drug development, psychiatry, dermatology, telemedicine, and drug interactions, among other things. Technicians with expertise in AI-powered healthcare would also be required.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly crucial for gaming firms. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in this subject is extensive. Artificial intelligence is used to assist in creating, operating, and maintaining video games. Jobs in the gaming industry that include artificial intelligence development are in high demand. Osmo, Gosu Data Lab, and generated millions of dollars in funding for various gaming firms by developing AI-powered games.

AI in Automated Transportation

AI has a significant presence in the automated transportation industry. Companies such as Uber and Google are investing billions of dollars into developing self-driving and autonomous cars. As a result, demand for AI experts will rise. According to a study by P&S Market Research, the worldwide market for AI in transportation is anticipated to reach $3.5 billion by 2030.

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Many educators and instructors are concerned about the possibility that their job in future classrooms would become obsolete due to technological advancements. According to a recent PwC survey, employment in the education sector is expected to rise by 200,000 over the next decade.

Modern educational environments include integrated classrooms and virtual learning environments, which we can see in action. Artificial intelligence plays a critical role when it comes to flipped learning, individualised training, automated assessment, and other data-driven strategies. Schools and educational institutions will be required to hire expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The integration of AI technology in business models by such companies as YouTube, Over-the-Top (OTT) Services, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming service providers is an indication that the entertainment industry is adopting it. Using AI algorithms, these firms can offer media content based on customers’ preferences. The entertainment sector will need many AI specialists to meet all of its needs.

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AI can have a positive influence on employees in varying degrees. Businesses and organisations should do everything possible to make the most of AI. The repetitive and dangerous activities that AI would automate include data input and assembly line production. AI technologies might alter the way people work and operate businesses. AI may be the world’s greatest job creator ever.