Ethereum is the most famous blockchain-based platform for smart contracts & decentralized applications (DApps), having more than 550 tokens stored on the network. As a result, it is necessary to get an erc20 token wallet that is both safe and secure. A large number of people in the community have lately been wondering about the safest and most safe erc20 token wallets available. With the success of Ethereum-based projects and the introduction of a new Ethereum-based coin into the market daily, interest in ERC-20 wallets is growing.

First, let’s learn what exactly are these erc20 tokens,

What is the ERC20 token?

ERC20 tokens are native tokens for the Ethereum network. They don’t have their blockchain, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. They are compliant with the ERC20 standard, as such the name. As a result, these tokens are interoperable with the vast majority of Ethereum ERC20 wallets. They are kept upon Ethereum addresses and require the expenditure of gas to be transmitted.

Anybody can create an ERC20 token, that has resulted in a diverse range of interesting application cases. DAI, Tether, Chainlink, Brave’s BAT tokens, 0x, and many more ERC20 tokens are examples of well-known ERC20 tokens.

What is an ERC20 wallet?

The ERC20 wallets are like digital wallets that are used to handle all of the Ethereum tokens in circulation. The ether cryptocurrency and ERC20 tokens are kept in these ERC20 wallets which can be used for ether transactions as well as other token transactions and exchanges.

These are hardware wallets, web wallets, and many more. They not only guarantee the highest level of protection for the assets but also provide a wide collection of functionality. These wallets are quick and simple to use. They are also straightforward to handle. They can even be used to find and track Ethereum tokens, which might be quite useful.

Features of ERC20 token Wallets:

You should consider storing your tokens in such an erc20 token wallet that has the following features:

Top ERC20 Wallets:

The following is the erc20 wallets list for erc20 tokens that include some of the most well-known wallets available on the market.

Top ERC20 Wallets

Atomic Wallet:

A non-custodial crypto wallet that supports all Ethereum tokens, it is available for download for free. There are a variety of operating systems that may be used to construct and open the atomic wallet, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, & Linux. The atomic swap functionality of this erc20 wallet is one of the most intriguing aspects of this wallet. By using this tool, you may change between various cryptocurrencies. It also has a built-in exchange feature, which enables investors to convert a wide range of cryptocurrencies directly via the site itself.

The UI is user-friendly for both novices and advanced users. The atomic wallet also contains a native token, is another ERC20 token named Atomic wallet Token, which is used to pay for transactions (AWC).

MetaMask Wallet:

Among the most famous the best  erc20 wallet is MetaMask. This is yet another internet-free wallet that works as an extension on many browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, & Brave. One of the most prominent free online wallets for Ethereum, providing crypto investors with immediate access to an Ethereum platform.

All ERC20 tokens created on the Ethereum network may be saved in MetaMask, an ERC-20 wallet. To access this wallet, users just need the seed key set generated during wallet setup. This wallet also supports several languages, providing investors with global coverage. The Trezor hardware wallet is even MetaMask-compatible. As a result, crypto enthusiasts may now use web-based MetaMask to view their Trezor account data.

Ledger Nano S:

This is one of the cheapest hardware and simple erc20 wallet available at a very affordable price, making it a good choice. This hardware wallet has received a great deal of praise from the cryptocurrency community. It boasts a thriving development team, as well as built-in security features like PINs, seed keys, & passphrases to keep your ERC20 tokens safe and secure.

Not only that, but it also accepts more than 20 coins in a single device and is constantly being improved to safeguard even more cryptocurrencies soon. The Ledger Nano S is well-known for the asset security features that it offers. In addition, if cryptocurrency assets are staked via the ledger wallet, the crypto investors will get a return.

Trezor Wallet:

The Trezor wallet is an established hardware erc20 wallet in the cryptosphere, therefore it comes as no surprise that this supports all ERC20 tokens in their current form. Similar to the Ledger, Trezor is equipped with an OLED screen as well as a seed key function as well as PIN code security, and password features to help you keep your ERC20 tokens safe. In addition, the Trezor development team is quite active and well-regarded in the cryptocurrency field. Trezor is unquestionably a hardware wallet that can be used for any form of ERC20 token, and it is available for purchase here.

Enjin Wallet:

Enjin wallet, the best erc20 wallet for storing ether as well as other ERC20 tokens on mobile devices, is downloadable through Google Play Store and even the Apple App Store. Even though it is a newcomer to the blockchain world, it has several distinguishing characteristics that have made it highly popular among members of the cryptocurrency community. This erc20 token wallet offers many sophisticated capabilities to its customers, including a Dapp browser, exchange swaps, and a QR code for airdrops, among other things.

Trust Wallet:

This is the best erc20 wallet that supports ether as well as other currencies that have been created on the Ethereum network. It was bought by Binance in July 2018, and other features, as well as other currencies, were introduced later that same month. It is equipped with robust security mechanisms that safeguard your assets from hacker threats. Because it has now been designated as the official wallet of a Binance exchange, cryptocurrency investors will be able to conduct transactions more simply using this wallet.

The Trust wallet is accessible with the Kyber network as well as the Binance decentralized exchange, among other platforms. The wallet never divulges any information and always stays secret to maintain anonymity. It is available for download from both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.


When it comes to handling ERC20 tokens, MyEtherWallet is the wallet a wise decision. MyEtherWallet is a browser open-source wallet with built-in Javascript and developed by the Ethereum Foundation. It is an easy-to-use program for protecting Ether and ERC20 tokens, as well as engaging with smart contracts and other blockchain-based technologies. As a result, it claims to be an offline wallet since it generates essential data using a machine’s browser and nothing is ever kept on MyEtherWallet servers. Additionally, you will have ownership over your private key, which eliminates the need to rely on a third party to ensure the security of your cash.


A variety of uses and accessibility characteristics have made Ether & ERC20 tokens quite popular. Most Ethereum tokens have several uses, making them among the most searched defi projects. Experts say these Defi initiatives and defi trends may alter the Defi and cryptocurrency markets.

All of the factors contribute to the widespread storage and usage of ERC20 tokens to transmit and receive cash. Wallet for erc20 tokens is helpful for transactions of this kind. ERC20 wallets like as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger nano X are among the most popular among cryptocurrency investors. All of the finest ERC20 wallets are aimed towards cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are interested in Ethereum and the blockchain network that it operates on.