1 WAI = $0.3

Minimum Contribution = $50

Bonus in purchase = 20% (applies to minimum token purchase of $500 )

Referral bonus = 10%

Global marketplace for AI services & pool of decentralized computing resources

It achieves this through the creation of a global marketplace for AI and machine learning services for real-time business needs. The platform will leverage the computational capacity of open-source, decentralised computing networks.

Current challenges in the AI Industry



Despite the proliferating AI adoption rates, enterprises are facing an acute talent shortage. Research indicates a moderate-to-extreme skills gap in 68% of the early AI adopters (businesses), whereas roughly a quarter of enterprises consider their skills gap extreme.



A limited pool of talent, coupled with higher demand, has made it almost impossible for young startups to hire the right experts.



AI solutions require a gargantuan amount of computing power. By some estimates, AI firms incur as much as 25% of their revenue in computing expenses. The other side of the equation is the high cost of computing infrastructure, forcing smaller enterprises and startups to rely on cloud computing services.



There is a lack of industry-ready training programs across global educational institutions. Some of the leading universities, are preparing to fill the existing skills gap through new colleges and training programs, but any fruition of these efforts will take years

WitLink in 83 seconds

Blockchain-Powered AI Marketplace

Blockchain technology represents a major disruptor in a growing number of industries and commercial environments.
WitLink is aiming towards the future in implementing solutions that leverage blockchain today. WitLink represents an
innovative solution designed specifically for the AI and ML industry


Introducing WitLink Ecosystem


WitLink Marketplace is a platform that connects businesses and enterprises seeking AI talent with AI professionals. Both the parties enter a smart contract before commencing work and the payments are released upon the satisfaction of underlying contract terms.


WitLink Computing addresses the expensive computing resource challenge. Businesses can purchase computing resources from a pool of decentralised computing pools. WitLink Computing sources the ideal supplier for every project. Businesses can enter their computing requirements and payment details. Resource providers can bid for the project. WitLink helps businesses choose a provider having the ideal configuration, competitive bid and reputation


WitLink Ready is built on the idea of providing pre-built AI solutions for businesses with standardised requirements. Businesses can choose tested AI solutions or hire WitLink's experts for implementing or customising the solution.


WitLink Learn aims at addressing the existing gap in AI skills through an online learning platform and community. WitLink Learn features courses designed by AI experts and professionals with industry experience. The courses available on the platform are split across different AI fields, including deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and vision-oriented programs.

Witlink ecosystem takes a ground-up approach towards addressing the existing challenges of the AI development sector.

Enterprises will have access to vetted AI experts from across the globe and AI experts with relevant experience will have access to authentic projects

Enterprises of all sizes can purchase pre-built AI solutions that meets their business needs with technical support and maintenance or make orders for custom solutions

AI developers can tap into on-demand computing resources. Small technology firms or teams can do away with cloud computing for high-quality, decentralised computing resources.

Professionals and students interested in AI training will have access to courses created by industry experts.

Witlink ecosystem


Our mission is to bridge the existing gap in AI skills through an online learning platform and a marketplace of AI professionals, ML experts, data scientists, and NLP researchers where Enterprises and AI developers can hire the right experts, have access to on-demand computing resources and order pre-built and custom AI solutions.


WitLink platform aims to create multiple sources of revenue through its different modules.


The WAI Token is an Ethereum based token under the ERC20 standard. The premise of the token WAI is utility based, designed to route the WitLink platform’s Marketplace, pre-built solution, WitLink Computing, and WitLink Learn. The WAI token will be created as a major currency in which community participants use to cash in and out of transactions taking place on the platform. It is compatible with third-party service wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

The number of WAI tokens issued is fixed and no more tokens can be ever issued, which is guaranteed by the WAI Token Smart Contract. WAI tokens are directly involved in transactions taking place on the WitLink platform. Any unsold tokens shall be retained by WitLink and allocated to Reward Pool to grow decentralised computing resources connected to the WitLink ecosystem, its community and partners.

Total possible tokens: 500,000,000 WAI
Number of tokens for sale: 220,000,000 WAI
Tokens exchange rate: 1 WAI = $0.25
Contract: 0x5281a43403b9a537520bcb67e98a717c6ff13ea2
Acceptable currencies: BTC ETH BCH USDT
Minimal transaction amount: $50


WAI token allocation


The entire amount raised through the ICO will solely be dedicated to the development of the WitLink platform.

allocation of funds

WitLink AI tokens are used for governance of the WitLink ecosystem.

Use of WAI Token

Token Usage in Transactions

The WitLink platform accepts payments in both Cryptocurrency (WAI Token) and fiat currencies. Users are able to pay directly for transactions via fiat currency and/or are given the option to load their wallets with a utility token WAI to take advantage of incentives provided in the platform.

For AI Experts

Those who continue to use and populate the platform are continuously given incentives to adopt the WAI Tokens as a means to strengthen the community. When receiving WAI, AI professionals are able to use the token (internally) for various elements, potentially strengthening their profiles. Apart from Token incentives, AI experts are given a chance to earn more money due by adhering to a platform adopted token and moving away from currency exchange rates associated with competitor sites.

For Clients

Clients are automatically plugged into token adoption as soon as they complete KYC and platform
sign up. From that moment on, all transactions and job biddings are offered at discounted prices if the option to pay with WAI Token. To accrue WAI, users must load their wallets and process actions accordingly or take part in other platform opportunities that incentivize them (ex. Complete your profile is worth 10 WAI). In any case that a user will want to cash out their wallet, they will be given the same incentives as AI experts to cash out via selected exchanges.

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A highly motivated team dedicated to success. WitLink’s team combine a passion for finance, software
development, programming, technology and computer applications, years of industry experience, invaluable
networks and connections, and proven record in start-ups, finance, development, marketing, and compliance. The teams are backed by a proven board of advisors.

Aidan Graham: CEO

Valdemar Olsen CTO

Hermione Corbyn Chief Design / UX Guru

Derek Poirier Blockchain Expert


Ali Ghobadi

Blake Hughes

Jaian Cuttari

Johnny Thorsen