WitLink Metaverse

Create, explore and trade in the WitLink virtual world.

buy, sell, and develop a parcel of land

WitLink Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform where you can buy, sell, and develop a parcel of land. The parcel of land is sold as NFTs, which is ERC-721 compatible, using which you can prove ownership of the virtual land. You can create a full-fledged decentralised virtual economy surrounding your virtual property and profit from it. And, to enable the virtual economy, all the transactions should be done using WitLink Metaverse utility token WAI and ethereum

Why WAI ?

Why WAI ? WAI is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell in-world assets, goods & services in the WitLink metaverse. WAI is the native currency in WitLink Metaverse. It is an ERC-20 token that fuels the WitLink virtual reality platform and enables users to create, experience, and monetize applications and content.

WAI Token Use Cases in the Metaverse

WAI can be used to purchase WitLink real estate as well as other items in the virtual world. Users can use WAI to pay for in-world goods and services and virtual plots of land in WitLink Metaverse which gives them ownership over the environment and applications they create within their land. Users can later build upon and monetise their plots of land. Users can also use WAI tokens to pay for different avatars, wearables, names, and more on the WitLink marketplace.

WitLink Real Estate Group

About US

The Witlink Real Estate Group is your go to virtual real estate agency offering exposure to the WitLink metaverse platform. We will assist and guide you facilitate the acquisition of virtual property along with a suite of virtual real estate services that are provided by WitLink and other users.

Property Management and Development

We offer full property management services for your virtual real estate business
-Renting of your property to clients and Maintenance of your property

We offer full property development services for your virtual real estate properties.
-Architecting, Designing and Developing your build

When it comes to making the best decisions with virtual real estate, you can count on us to move you in the right direction.

AI Mall

WitLink AI Mall

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Global marketplace for AI services & pool of decentralized computing resources


Introducing WitLink Ecosystem

  • Witlink Marketplace

    WitLink Marketplace is a platform that connects businesses and enterprises seeking AI talent with AI professionals. Both the parties enter a smart contract before commencing work and the payments are released upon the satisfaction of underlying contract terms.

  • Witlink Ready

    WitLink Ready is built on the idea of providing pre-built AI solutions for businesses with standardised requirements. Businesses can choose tested AI solutions or hire WitLink's experts for implementing or customising the solution.

  • Witlink Computing

    WitLink Computing addresses the expensive computing resource challenge. Businesses can purchase computing resources from a pool of decentralised computing pools. WitLink Computing sources the ideal supplier for every project. Businesses can enter their computing requirements and payment details. Resource providers can bid for the project. WitLink helps businesses choose a provider having the ideal configuration, competitive bid and reputation

  • Witlink Learn

    WitLink Learn aims at addressing the existing gap in AI skills through an online learning platform and community. WitLink Learn features courses designed by AI experts and professionals with industry experience. The courses available on the platform are split across different AI fields, including deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and vision-oriented programs


Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the existing gap in AI skills through an online learning platform and a marketplace of AI professionals, ML experts, data scientists, and NLP researchers where Enterprises and AI developers can hire the right experts, have access to ondemand computing resources and order pre-built and custom AI solutions.

Token Information

Total possible tokens: 500,000,000 WAI
Number of tokens for sale: 220,000,000 WAI
Tokens exchange rate: 1 WAI = $0.09
Contract: 0x5281a43403b9a537520bcb67e98a717c6ff13ea2
Acceptable currencies: BTC ETH BCH USDT
Minimal transaction amount: $50

WAI Token is an Ethereum based token under the ERC20 standard.

The premise of the token WAI is utility based, designed to route the WitLink platformā€™s Marketplace, pre-built solution, WitLink Computing, and WitLink Learn. The WAI token will be created as a major currency in which community participants use to cash in and out of transactions taking place on the platform. It is compatible with third-party service wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

WAI tokens are directly involved in transactions taking place on the WitLink

The number of WAI tokens issued is fixed and no more tokens can be ever issued, which is guaranteed by the WAI Token Smart Contract. WAI tokens are directly involved in transactions taking place on the WitLink platform. Any unsold tokens shall be retained by WitLink and allocated to Reward Pool to grow decentralised computing resources connected to the WitLink ecosystem, its community and partners.

WAI Token Allocation

Allocation Of Funds


Use of WAI Token

WitLink AI tokens are used for governance of the WitLink ecosystem.

Our Partners

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Our Core Team

A highly motivated team dedicated to success. WitLinkā€™s team combine a passion for finance, software development, programming, technology and computer applications, years of industry experience, invaluable networks and connections, and proven record in start-ups, finance, development, marketing, and compliance. The teams are backed by a proven board of advisors.


Aidan Graham



Valdemar Olsen


Chief Design / UX Guru

Hermione Corbyn


Blockchain Expert

Derek Poirier


Network Security Engineer

Alexander White


Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Cristiano Mourinho


Robotics Engineer

Maxime Allard

Our Advisors



Ali Ghobadi



Blake Hughes



Jaian Cuttari



Johnny Thorsen


WitlinkAI Road Map

  • 2020 July - December

    Start of Witlink idea planning. Company registration. Website and investors dashboard. Whitepaper and development.

  • 2021 March - July

    Presale. Problem Statement. Public Sale. Start Token WAI Sale Round I.

  • 2021 August - December

    Start Token WAI Sale Round II. Start Token WAI Sale Round III. Witlink Marketplace Development and Deployment. Witlink computing infrastructure and partnership Establishment.

  • 2022 February - June

    Listing WAI on Exchanges. Witlink Ready Initial Roll Out. Witlink learn Development and initial Roll Out. Witlink Metaverse Development and initial Roll Out. Aggressive Marketing Campaigns for B2B Customer Acquisition. Witlink Platform Release.

Touch with virtual reality. The point of contact of the human hand with the projection. Blue background.
The three-dimensional rendering of shining human brain. Plexus structure evolving around.

Metaverse Road Map

  • March 2022

    WitLink Idea & Feasibility, Validation, Lightpaper Finalized, WitLink Land NFT Design & Configuration, Community Growth.

  • Q2 2022

    WitLink Land Plots NFT Minting, 3D Map Design & Environment Planning, Access your Land, Virtual Billboards NFT Design &Allocation ( Billboards will be Minted Directly to the Addresses of Assigned Villa Plot & Executive Plot holders), NFT Marketplace Launch, Staking Launch.

  • Q3 2022

    Release of Open Source Code for In-World Development/ Metaverse Progression. Development on Immersive VR Interaction for Locomotion. Development of Core Mainframe.

  • Q4 2022

    Partnership with VR Hardware Manufacturers. Early Access Release. Business Development & Expansion.

Metaverse concept, Venus de Milo Statue wearing virtual reality headset
Metaverse concept, Venus de Milo Statue wearing virtual reality headset